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Foam O Fun About Us

Our Story

Hello! We are the Melvin Family, Aaron, Melissa, Ean and Jackson!

Thank you for considering us for your entertainment needs. We would like to let you know a little about us.

Aaron has been a professional DJ since 2001. He has provided entertainment all around the state, specializing in West Central Indiana. He is also a Volunteer Firefighter/Emergency Medical Responder.

Melissa has been a licensed funeral director for over 12 years and manages a funeral home in Indianapolis.

Ean is currently in 8th grade and enjoys football, video games and collecting tennis shoes (apparently that’s a thing!). He is also a Junior Volunteer Firefighter.

Jackson is currently in 7th grade and enjoys football, along with wrestling and Star Wars. He was just inducted into the Junior National Honor Society and also a Junior Firefighter.

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